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Kendra Nicole Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

In this episode of the Level Up podcast, I’m talking with Career Coach, Ashley Cash. 


Ashley teaches driven professional women, how to nail interviews and how to negotiate the big bucks. If you are an entrepreneur trying to negotiate big contracts with your prospective clients and customers or in the corporate world, climbing the corporate ladder, trying to negotiate that next salary, this episode is for you.


You can connect with Ashley on her website at, and on Instagram @AshleyNCash.


In this episode, we’re chatting about…


  • Wealth and wage gap for women of color
  • Why people will try to shortchange you   
  • Why connection is the currency for business owners
  • How to appropriately command a higher price above the competition


Ashley’s Top Tips 


  • Approach competence as something you demonstrate
  • Build genuine, organic connections and avoid always thinking transactionally
  • You and the person writing the check have equal power
  • Know your numbers before you get to the negotiation table




You can follow Kendra’s journey on Instagram at @thefinancefemme and on her website at


About Kendra


Kendra James Anderson is CEO of The Finance Femme LLC, and virtual CFO to several successful women entrepreneurs. She is a business owner, entrepreneur, and former corporate climber who loves all things business and finance and has a passion for sharing that knowledge with other high performers.