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Kendra Nicole Podcast

Dec 26, 2023

Episode 6: Managing Business Debt: Tips for Financial Health

With Kendra James Anderson
Welcome to the Kendra Nicole Podcast, where we explore the realms of business, entrepreneurship, and a touch of motherhood. Hosted by Kendra James Anderson, a business veteran with over 20 years of experience.

On this episode of the Kendra Nicole podcast, Kendra delves into the intricate topic of debt, offering insights and thoughts. Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to debt; individual circumstances matter. Kendra stresses the importance of having a plan before acquiring debt, emphasizing the need for a purposeful strategy.

Here are some key points talked on the episode:


      Debt Nuances: Kendra explores the complexity of debt, emphasizing the need for personalized financial approaches.

      Strategic Planning: A solid plan before taking on debt is crucial for effective financial management.

      Startup Caution: Kendra discourages relying solely on borrowed funds for business startups, urging personal investment.

      Real-Life Examples: Scenarios illustrate challenges when debt funds ventures like Uber side hustles or e-commerce businesses.

      Borrowing Cycle Warning: Kendra cautions against a perpetual cycle of borrowing to cover costs, stressing prudent financial decisions 

Learn more about Kendra:

Kendra James-Anderson, founder of The Finance Femme, had a decade of experience working in Corporate America when she recognized a large gap in the financial management industry.

She served as a Finance Manager supporting the CFO of a multi-billion dollar company in which she was involved in boardroom meetings several times a week. In these meetings, she saw firsthand how billion dollar companies had highly skilled CFOs assisting their CEOs with everyday decision-making based on facts, data, analysis and experience in business strategy.
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